Who We Are

Campeedia is an afrocentric media organization that aims to combat one-sided African narrative by buidling an African narrative that is inclusive of the uniqiue experencies of the continent.

Our mission is to mobilize and empower young people of African descent to take ownership of the African narrative by creating spaces for them to share and learn from their perspectives.

We believe that One of the most effective tools for fighting prejudice and injustice is by improving and correcting the information that society has access to.

At Campeedia we believe that by mobilizing young people to transform what is known about the continent today, we can make a difference in changing the current narrative and minimizing injustices within and outside Africa.

Most importantly, the African narrative isn’t complete without capturing the unique experiences of everyone from everywhere and about everything on the continent.

We are embracing Africa’s unique experiences and placing young people at the centre of our movement with our #OurAfricanStories #YourAfricanStories #MyAfricanStory Movements