Is Your Organization Going Green Yet?

Maintaining a business is no child play, there’s so much to consider  – from pulling in and managing employees, to producing clients and reasonable income.

It’s an extreme task. A recent global trend has seen more businesses participating in the action against climate change and practising environmental safety. Is this phenomenal, “going green”, something your workplace embraces? 

Throughout recent years, “going green” has been a popular vogue expression for most organisations.

The debate of whether to participate or not is one deemed unnecessary. It is quite clear for all that the environment is deteriorating, and climate change is not just a myth but a sad reality we all live in.

For the business that is still hesitant about practising environmental safety,  here are a couple of reasons why it needs to pledge to go green:

  • Exercising environmental practices can improve the general effectiveness and efficiency of a business. Decreasing unnecessary waste can trim work expenses for the company, for instance: Killing lights in empty workplaces can spare energy and reduce utility bills. Printing less eliminates paper use, and can bring down printing expenses. Topping off ink cartridges as opposed to discarding them is another cash sparing practice since it decreases the measure of plastic dumped from the cartridge and bundling. 
  • Furthermore, ‘green’ choices can enhance the overall work environment.  Imagine not having to flee your desk space because of some weird cleaning product that irritates your nostrils. You actually get the job done, meaning the business is making more money through employee job satisfaction. A few organisations have made becoming environmentally friendly their role, by changing over remaining nourishment squander from the lunch cafeteria into methane to supply the business with the power

It’s an incredible call for entrepreneurs, business visionaries and even shoppers to take on this great task towards going green.

“Indeed” I realise I am one-sided in light of the fact that the world needs to channel its resources towards retaining nature. After all human activity is the most contributor to the issues we have in the ecosystem. So, “Is your organisation going green yet?”

Tumiso Kevin Mokakangwe | A student from Botswana at African Leadership University.

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